Confused About Your Patient Allotment? We’re Here to Help!

Most Maryland medical cannabis patients have, at the very least, heard something about their given purchase allotment. Regardless if you know how it works or not, it can be confusing—so let’s talk about it!

From the day you are certified, you are given a certain 30-day rolling purchase allotment. Most patients are given the standard allotment of 120 grams of flower OR 36 THC grams (THC grams is used for processed items—essentially non-flower cannabis products). There are a few things to note here. First, your allotment is a NOT two individual allotments. What this means is that purchasing flower reduces your flower allotment AS WELL AS your THC gram allotment, and purchasing processed products reduces your THC gram allotment AS WELL AS your flower allotment. Second, your medical provider can alter your allotment as they see fit for your needs. There are some patients with higher allotments. Speak with your medical provider if you feel you need your allotment altered. Third, this is a 30-day rolling allotment. It takes into account what you have purchased in the last 30 days. What you purchase is deducted from your allotment at the time of purchase and is put back into your allotment 31 days thereafter.

So, let’s say you have a full standard allotment—120g of dried flower or 36 THC grams. If you purchase 50% of your flower limit (60 grams), it deducts 50% from your flower allotment AND 50% from your THC grams allotment. So, if you came in with a full standard allotment and purchased 60 grams of flower, you would reduce your 30-day allotment to 60 grams of flower or 18 THC grams. Now, let’s say you came in with a lower limit. Let’s say you have purchased 50% of your flower limit and 15% of your THC grams limit. This means you have used 65% of your total limit (remember, your allotment is not two individual limits). You can now purchase 35% of your standard dried flower limit or THC limit (42g of flower or 12.6g THC from processed products). Or, you can mix and match and split the 35% limit between flower and processed products. It is important to note, your remaining allotment is relative to the initial, full, allotment. For example, you could purchase 12g of flower (10% of your full 120g flower allotment) and 9g of THC from processed products (25% of your full 36 THC grams allotment); 10% + 25% = 35%.

We know this can be a little complicated. If you are ever curious about your limit, you can always check your online portal, or simply just check with us. Remember, we are here to help!

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