Edibles are Now Legal in Maryland!

Edibles are a convenient and delicious, alternative to smoking or vaping. If you have lung issues, or just prefer not inhaling smoke or vape, edibles are perfect! Some of you may be wondering, weren’t they already legal and available for sale? Well, yes and no. Some processors cleverly marketed their edibles as “infused products.” Gummies were called Troches, Mints were called Tablets etc.

But recently, Maryland passed House Bill 17/Chapter 456 (2019) which allows a licensed medical cannabis processor to manufacture edible cannabis products and sell to dispensaries. And allows dispensaries to dispense edible cannabis products to qualifying patients or caregivers. However, to implement these new regulations, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is required to establish additional requirements for licensed processors and dispensaries interested in manufacturing and dispensing edible cannabis products. Some infused products that fall under the “edibles” definition which were released prior May 13, 2019 may continue to be sold; however, no new edible products are allowed to be released until the additional requirements are updated by the commission.

With that being said, Herbiculture still offers a variety of edibles for sale marketed as infused products:

  • Mints
    • Dixie Mints
    • Curio Medical Chews
  • Taffee
    • Betty’s Eddies
  • Lozenges
    • Evermore Discos Lozenges
  • Drinks
    • Elixirs
    • Kalm Powdered Tinctures
  • Gummies
    • Verano Troches

(You can order online and pick up in-store!)

We’re very excited for the possibilities of new edible products in the Maryland Cannabis Market! Fingers crossed that we will see chocolates, cakes, brownies, cookies and more from Maryland processors!

Dixie Tablets
Kalm Powdered Tinctures


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