Cannabis in Maryland vs Cannabis in the West Coast

September 18, 2020by IT Admin TerrAscend, USA

Why are prices in Maryland so much higher than the West Coast? This ultimately comes down to the fact that there are not yet enough licensed growers in Maryland, which is causing a lack of availability and higher pricing. We know, it’s frustrating! We are patients ourselves, and we also need this medicine. From a dispensary standpoint, we are frustrated too! There are well over 100,000 patients in Maryland, but only about 16 growers. Sadly, there just isn’t enough legal cannabis to go around in our state. This is why it’s so difficult to get regularly available products and lower prices. 

We hear the frustration, and we understand it. We are doing everything we can to make products as accessible to our patients as possible! We strive to have a large variety of products on our shelves at all times. We do daily deals on various products so patients can get the price breaks they need! We have a point system in place to allow patients to get even more savings—you can get free/discounted products and even get up to $175 off your purchase! We also have a Reimbursement Program to help cover the cost you paid your provider for your certification! We are here to help our community and we will continue to do all that we can to provide the medicine that our patients desperately need!

Although the lack of availability is frustrating, there is good news! The MMCC will be approving more growers and processors! Applications have already been submitted by various companies and it is just a matter of time before these approvals become a reality. Although there is no definitive announcement date, we are hopeful that before the year’s end, MMCC will announce pre-approvals to qualified applicants, so that they can begin building out their facilities and become officially approved to provide medicine to Maryland patients 🤞🏽; because one thing is for sure—the patient count is continuing to grow!

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