Welcome to the Herbiculture Blog!

Welcome to the Herbiculture Blog! We’re glad you found us! If you’ve ever stepped into our dispensary, you know we love speaking with our patients about everything from the benefits of medical cannabis, to the nuances of this industry. We hope to bring this level of open discussion to this blog and share with our readers information on what we know and love: medical cannabis.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the Herbiculture blog:

  • We’ll take a deeper look at what makes cannabis such an effective medicine
  • We’ll share information about the different types of products we sell, how to use them, when best to use them, and what type of ailments they help
  • We’ll look at the different paraphernalia and accessories that is available to consume medical cannabis and how to use them
  • We’ll take a deeper look at the different growers and processors that are actively providing medicine to patients in Maryland
  • We’ll look at the constantly evolving regulatory landscape in Maryland and how it will affect patients
  • In a broader sense, we’ll look at the continuous evolution of the Medical Cannabis industry in the United States and around the world

If this sounds at all interesting to you, we encourage you to subscribe, and definitely come back for more!

Rules of Engagement for the Herbiculture Blog

We invite you to join us in this conversation as we explore medical marijuana. To create the best possible forum for discussion, we have developed the following guidelines for posting comments.

We welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and questions. When you leave comments, please make sure they are of general interest to most readers. Profanity, racial and ethnic slurs, and rude behavior will not be tolerated and we will quickly remove any comments that are offensive, disrespectful or irrelevant.

We promise to keep posts interesting, diverse, and multi-sided. We are very passionate about medical cannabis and this industry; however, be aware, that the views expressed in these articles represent individual perspectives.

Remember this blog is a public forum – don’t post anything confidential or private. Also, these are the personal views of the individuals posting here, and not necessarily those of the Company. And, lastly, this is not the place to submit specific customer service questions or technical support inquires.

Thank you for reading, visiting, commenting and contributing. We’re excited to have you here!



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