Black History Month. In order to progress, we must remember and learn.

As we wrap up Black History Month, we are very happy to announce that we have donated $1,000 to the Howard County Center of African American Culture in Columbia, MD!  We love, believe in, and support their vision:

“Engaging community, promoting progress, transforming lives through culture, history and awareness.”

It is our firm belief that if we do not remember and learn from our past, we will inevitably repeat the inexcusable. We have always been supporters of equity and inclusion. We understand the struggles that have been endured, and continue to be endured, by our Black family, friends, and neighbors. We see it as our duty to help in the movement toward equity, inclusion, and justice. Although we are a small business, we will continue to do what we can to lead the way. This is not our first donation to help the cause, and it definitely will not be our last. And, we don’t stop at donations! We have been working tirelessly on coordinating various efforts; there is much more to come—keep an eye out! We are here to make a difference and to give back!

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